Friday, November 19, 2010

Path to the Sea

This is a favorite little painting that was done very quickly with a large brush to keep the energy going. It is a scene from Kittery Point, Maine at Fort Foster. That is a great place to paint because of the beautiful rocks and winding little paths along the shore.
5 x 7 Oil on Linen Canvas, Framed


  1. Diane,
    Beautiful. Love those brushstrokes in the tree up on the right. Is this Kittery Point?

  2. Thanks. Yes, it is Kittery Point! That place is so beautiful and inspiring to go out and paint.

  3. Diane, This is a beautiful little painting. You really captured the spirit of that day. It was such a nice surprise to follow those winding paths and have them open up to such a wonderful vista. Great day and great painting!