Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boat at Hampton

I am daydreaming a lot these days of warm summer days. Yesterday, I looked at a group of paintings I did during the summer and fall. Some of them were studio pieces and many of them are plein air work that I never got around to photographing. This was one of them. I painted this scene at the end of the street on the bay at Hampton this past summer. There was not much inspiring me that day and then I looked out at this grassy area and spotted this lovely boat just waited there. The light was just beautiful and it made the boat almost glow.
12"x16" Oil on linen board


  1. The sunlight on the boat is beautiful! Makes me wish for summer at the beach.

  2. Really nice painting. I can't wait to get outside, again. Do you want to meet for some plein air painting as soon as it warms up?

  3. Thanks Virginia and Karen! I am wishing for summer to hurry up and get here too! Karen, I would love to meet you for some plein air painting! It's hard to imagine (looking out at the weather this morning) that it will ever warm up. I can't wait to get outside and paint.