Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tangled Bush

This is the second painting I did during my session in the pine grove. I turned my easel to the right and saw this bush. That was it, I decided to just paint it. Sometimes, it is good to not spend a whole lot of time walking around searching for a subject to paint. Sometimes, the subject finds you. I like the way all three of the paintings came out from that afternoon on Monhegan. I plan on doing this type of plein air painting more in the future.

                                                                  "Tangled Bush"
                                                          6" x 8" Oil on linen panel


  1. I'm certainly glad you turned your easel because this one is perfect. It is very interesting and so well done. Sounds like you had a wonderful afternoon:)

  2. Thanks Cheri. It was a really great painting day.